Registered Voters: 388,945 as of 10/10/15

Elected Officials

The County Clerk's Office provides several ways to easily access the names and contact information of elected and appointed officials that serve Will County. Our new Precinct Lookup makes it easy to find just the names of those responsible for your specific address including Local Elected Officials all the way up to the President of the United States.

You can also get a complete list of all the Elected Officials serving Will County with the Elected Official Lookup.

The Will County Directory is a booklet of Elected and Appointed Officials serving Will County. It is available in both printed and on-line PDF format (see below). If you would like to request a printed copy contact us.

Since there are elections in Illinois every year affecting leaders in state and local government we regularly update our directory after each election cycle. Other features include a simple, modern design with tabbed indexes, and a complete list of government officials including parks, libraries, schools, and fire districts.

1) Precinct Lookup (*Includes Only Elected Officials For Your Specific Address)

Precinct Lookup (On-Line Inquiry)

*Once you enter your address select the link called "My Elected Office Holder" to view your current elected officials. To view your sample ballot select the link called "View Sample Ballot". For polling place information select the link called "View Polling Place Details".

2) Elected Official Lookup (Includes All Elected Officials)

Elected Officials Lookup (On-Line Inquiry)

3) Will County Directory (Includes All Elected & Appointed Officials) - Last updated 9/29/15

 All updates from printed version are in red.