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School Districts Petition Packets Signed Out

– Will County Regional Office Of Education Candidates – Final

– Grade School Candidates – Final

– High School Candidates – Final

Unit School Candidates – Final

– Will County Write-In Candidates – Final

To obtain the list of candidates running for other offices, you need to contact each district.  Sample ballots will be available after February 22nd.

Grade Schools
High Schools
Unit Schools

WILL COUNTY OBJECTIONS FILED – School Board Candidates only
Summit Hill School District No. 161
-Burghard vs. Staples:  Candidate removed due to Electoral Board decision on 1/4/17
-Burghard vs. Martin:  Candidate remains on ballot due to Electoral Board decision on 1/4/17
-Burghard vs. Murphy: Candidate remains on ballot due to Electoral Board decision on 1/4/17

Will County *Referenda List – Final

Will County Early Voting Sites

Will County Campaign Free Zones

Simultaneous Filing Lottery Notice
Will County Elderly & Disabled Voters
– Election Notice
Public Test Notice

Election Results

Two primary methods for placing a question before the voters is by resolution of the governing board for a taxing district or by petition signed by voters in the district.

  • Resolutions are certified by the local election official to the County Clerk.
  • Public question petitions are filed with the local election official who certifies the question to the County Clerk.  When a public question has been passed by a governing board resolution and filed with the County Clerk by the local election official, a ballot proof is sent to the election official for approval.  Please be aware that any revision in the actual referendum text as certified must by adopted by board action and recertified with the County Clerk by the legal filing deadline.

Specific questions about legal requirements for preparing a resolution or petition should be referred to competent legal counsel for the local unit of government, as the County Clerk’s Office cannot give legal advice or refer to Article 28 of the Election Code.  For more information contact us or call (815) 740-4615.