County Clerk

302 N. Chicago Street
Joliet IL 60432
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Monday-Friday:  8:30 AM until 4:30 PM
Marriage/Civil Union Licenses will be issued:  Monday- Friday  8:30 AM – 4:15 PM
Check the Holiday Schedule for closings

Main Office Phone Numbers
Assumed Business Name: (815) 740-4626
Elections:  (815) 740-4615
Fax:  (815) 740-4699
Issue Marriage/Civil Union License:   (815) 740-4626
Notary Public: (815) 740-4626
Statement of Economic Interest: (815) 740-4632
Tax Extension:  (815) 740-4632
Tax Redemption:  (815) 724-1880
Vital Records:  (815) 740-4659
Voter Registration:  (815) 740-4620
Limited services are available at each of the following locations.

  • Issue Will County Marriage and Civil Union Licenses – BY APPOINTMENT ONLY 
  • Order certified copies of Will County Birth, Death, Marriage or Civil Union Certificates (Required fees are paid in cash only. Documents will be mailed out from the Main Office)
Crete Township Office
1367 Wood Street
Crete, IL 60417
(708) 672-8279
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DuPage Township Office
241 Canterbury Lane
Bolingbrook, IL 60440
(630) 759-1317
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Plainfield Township Office
22525 W. Lockport Road
Plainfield, IL 60544
(815) 436-8308
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The Will County Clerk’s Office has six major functions including:

  1. Keeper of County Records & Clerk of the County Board
  2. Election Services
  3. Voter Services
  4. Tax Extension & Tax Sale Redemption
  5. Vital Records
  6. Marriage Licenses

Below lists our office activities, innovations, and additions since 2003.

  • Implemented an electronic Statement of Economic Interest filing program
  • Upgraded our Election Night Reporting System
  • In the summer of 2018, Will County Clerk Nancy Schultz Voots and her staff compiled a history of the voting process so visitors to the Will County Clerk’s Office can see a timeline of how voting has evolved over the past century in Will County
  • Created a Will County Clerk Facebook
  • Voters cards were sent out to all registered Will County voters
  • The Will County Directory was revised and printed at the end of June.
  • Continued to update the Will County Directory with new information for the rest of the year.
  • Additional Canvass Books were added to the website for past Elections.
  • Created a Facebook page giving Will County residents access to information in another platform.
  • Hands-on training was provided throughout the year for Election Judges & Field Technicians to build their confidence on Election Day.
  • Added fill and print request forms for birth, death, marriage, and civil union certificates.
  • Trained 100 new registrars creating more options and opportunity for Will County residents to register to vote.
  • Continually updated our website with new information to keep Will County residents informed.
  • Upgraded and enhanced our receipt system allowing for quicker service.
  • Created digital training manuals for staff, Election Judges, Field Technicians, and Local Clerks to decrease the amount of paper we use, our efforts to GO GREEN.
      • November 8th General Election – By Election eve, 23% of registered voters had taken advantage of their Early Voting options.
      • November 8th General Election – Increased Vote by Mail requests by 86% from the last Presidential Election.
      • November 8th General Election – Each Precinct had seven Election Judges instead of five to help with Same Day Registration.
      • November 8th General Election – Added an additional Pollbook at each Polling Place to increase efficiency processing voters.
      • September 20th – On the website, Abstract to Votes were added for April 7, 2015 and April 9, 2013.
      • August 8th – Created website pages for each Early Voting site with photos of each place and a calendar of dates and times.
      • June 8th – Throughout the summer held hands-on-training classes for all Election Judges on the Pollbooks and Same Day Registration
      • June 7th – Attended Bridges to a New Day, Summer Connections event, where a County Clerk staff member registered residents to vote or signed up registered voters for a Vote by Mail ballot.
      • June 4th – Held Registrar training for 35 individuals with included: Precinct Committeemen, different civic organizations, villages, parks, libraries and a State Senator’s office.
      • May 31st – Per state statue, sent out Voter’s Card to all registered voters which included a Vote by Mail request form on the back.
      • May 25th – Attended the Joliet Triad Fair to recruit Election Judges for the upcoming Presidential Election.
      • May 9th – Rotating images were added to the homepage of the website.
      • February – Will County Clerk, Nancy Schultz Voots, has taken a pro-active approach to ensure her staff is trained and ready to act if there happens to be an Active Shooter event at the Will County Office Building.  In conjunction with Sheriff Mike Kelley, deputies from the Will County Sheriff’s Department have been instructing her staff on the RUN-HIDE-FIGHT presentation to make certain they know what steps to take for their own safety.  Voots explains, “I pray it never happens, but with all the incidents happening in the world, I want to make sure my team is aware of their surroundings and how to protect themselves.”
      • January 27th – Updated search fields for Voter and Polling Place Lookup on the website to make it easier for Will County residents to enter and find their information.
      • January 13th – Sent a mailer to active registered voters focusing on the three things they can do to have their voices be heard for the upcoming elections; Registering to Vote, Vote by Mail and Early Voting.
      • Updated Election Judge Manual & video to include new law SB0172 Same Day Voter Registration and Pollbooks.
      • Conducted survey to over 2,200 Election Judges to ensure Polling Places were properly staffed on Election Day.
      • Enhanced Election Judge recruiting efforts by sending recruiting cards: with Directory mailing, to Precinct Committeemen, on the back of Voter’s cards and with change of Polling Place letter.
      • Redesigned the layout of the Vital Records Department which allowed for more space to increase the already accurate and quick speed of sending out Vital Record requests.
      • Polling Place study was conducted on all 300 Precincts in Will County to make sure all buildings could accommodate the new Pollbooks.
      • Redesigned the Will County certificate seal.
      • Developed Pollbook Manual for Same Day Registration.
      • On September 22nd, the Will County Clerk’s Office participated in National Voter Registration Day.
      • The 2015 Will County Directory was updated and printed at the end of July.
      • Will County Clerk employees donated children’s books for residents to use while waiting at the office.
      • Dynamic petition packets were added to the website so that potential candidates could fill out and print without having to request packets from the County Clerk’s Office.
      • Sample petition packets were created and added to the website as well as enclosed with petition packets to help potential candidates fill out their forms.
      • At the end of November, the Will County Clerk’s website was updated with new features, images and menus.
      • On June 1, 2014, the Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act went into effect in the State of Illinois. This act allows same sex couples to marry and authorizes the voluntary conversion of a civil union to a marriage.
        On the first day of the new law nine same sex marriage licenses were issued, and 22 conversions were processed for couples who had been eagerly anticipating this milestone event in their lives.
      • Over the past months the Will County Clerk’s Office successfully updated its programs and documents to accomplish the implementation of this groundbreaking law.
      • In March 2014, the Will County Clerk’s Office purchased with grant money the Balotar™ Compact ballot printers for the Will County Clerk’s Office and all Early Voting sites throughout Will County. These printers eliminated the high-cost of pre-printing mass quantities of ballots, while also ensuring that voters received the correct ballot.  In addition, Early Voters were able to insert their ballots into ES&S’ DS200 Precinct Vote Scanners for immediate tabulation; allowing ALL Early Voting results to be uploaded and viewed on Election Night.  With these new enhancements, the Will County Clerk’s Office saved money previously spent on the pre-printing of ballots, envelopes and other supplies for the Will County Clerk’s Office and all Early Voting sites.  Additionally, the Local Election Officials expressed positive feedback in the ease of the transition and time that is saved in processing voters.
      • In July 2013, the Will County Clerk’s Office completed the update to the Will County Directory of all elected officials in Will County from the 2012 Presidential Election through the April 2013 Consolidated Election. Maps are also included for Will County Congressional, Legislative, Representative and County Board Districts.
      • On January 11, 2013 the Will County Clerk’s office successfully implemented a new Assumed Business Name database. The new database was created by the Will County ICT Department. Utilizing this new database, the County will save money by reducing the amount of supplies such as labels, envelopes, ink and postage.
      • On June 28, 2012, the County Clerk’s Office applied for and received a grant from the Illinois State Board of Elections’ pursuant to federal monies received under Title II, Section 251 of the Help America Vote Act of 2002. This grant, in the amount of $230,558.32, covered expenses incurred for Voting Systems and Technology Improvements of Federal Elections.
      • Will County Clerk, Nancy Schultz Voots, and 2 of her supervisors participated in CPR/AED Training and are now part of the “Team Rescue (Team R)” for any Heart related incidents that may occur in the Will County Office Building.
      • On May 1, 2012, the County Clerk’s Office applied for and received a grant from the Illinois State Board of Elections’ pursuant to federal monies received under Title II, Section 251 of the Help America Vote Act of 2002. This grant, in the amount of $90,348.00, covered expenses incurred for Voter Education which assisted us in providing the Voter Information Guide to the registered voters in Will County.
      • Statement of Economic Interests “Go Green”.  In April 2012 the Ethic Department eliminated the need for labels and envelopes by scanning returned Statement of Economic Interests.In the past when Statement of Economic Interests were returned by those required to file, they were filed in white #10 envelopes, with a label.  These documents are also accessible from the computer and will save time when someone requests a copy.  This change saved money for envelopes and labels and staff time to file.
      • March 20, 2012, completed another successful election for Will County.  The voter turnout was 20.98% and we are proud to say we were NOT one of those counties that had issues with their ballots and election equipment!
      • February, 2012, the Voter Information Guide was mailed to all households with Active voters informing them of the last day to register to vote, voting options (including absentee and early voting), polling place location with detailed map, and samples of the Republican, Democratic or Nonpartisan ballot they were eligible to choose at their polling place on Election Day.
      • On January 3, 2012, the County Clerk’s Office applied for and received a grant from the Illinois State Board of Elections’ pursuant to federal monies received under Title II, Section 251 of the Help America Vote Act of 2002.  This grant, in the amount of $21,824.92, covered expenses incurred for Improvements for the Administration of Federal Elections.
      • January, 2012, new voter cards were mailed to all Active registered voters informing them of their new precinct, polling place and district changes due to redistricting which occured in 2011.
      • December 2011, the County Clerk merged our bank deposits with the Treasurer’s Office. Dunbar Armored Service is now picking up the deposits saving the Clerk’s Office $250.00 a month in earned interest.
      • County Board “Go Green”. In October, 2011 our office worked with the Printshop, and monthly Resolutions and attachments approved at the County Board Meeting are scanned into ViewWise each month and made available for the various Countywide Departments. Since the County Board Resolutions pertain to all County Departments, in the past a packet of all Resolutions and attachments were sent to 11 different Departments monthly. This has eliminated paper and toner needs.
      • August 2011, the Tax Redemption department reviewed past procedures and at no additional cost to the taxpayer, we have implemented the use of scanning, email reporting, and referring clients to our web site for payment verification.These changes have resulted in a reduction in the cost of paper and toner, as well as stationery, postage and employee time.
      • Summer 2011, the County Clerk’s Office readjusted Will County precincts due to the Congressional, Legislative, Representative and County Board Redistricting following the census. As a result, precincts are now more uniform in size thus reducing the number of precincts to 303 and produced an overall cost savings of $200,000 per election.
      • Early Voting. During the summer of 2011 County Clerk Nancy Schultz Voots received grant money that she used to provide 17 Local Clerk sites with a virtual desktop and printer to accommodate the increased popularity of Early Voting. Using the virtual desktop, the Local Clerks are able to assist more voters and since the information prints on the application and ballot envelope, this eliminates the possibility of errors.
      • On June 1, 2011, the Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act went into affect in the State of Illinois, which makes available a comprehensive new legal status for same-sex and different-sex couples. The Will County Clerk’s Office has been diligently working on updating their programs and documents to accomplish this implementation. As a result of these efforts, the County Clerk’s office issued Civil Union Licenses to many happy couples who have been waiting years for this to happen.
      • We successfully completed one major election in 2011, the Consolidated Election in April which is considered to be the most difficult election.

          • A collaborative effort by three elected officials has netted the highest form of recognition in governmental accounting and financial reporting in its first year of operation. Will County Auditor Duffy Blackburn, CPA, was notified that the County was awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada for its comprehensive annual financial report, or CAFR.  The certificate is the highest form of recognition in governmental accounting and financial reporting. Earning it represents a significant accomplishment by a government and its management, according to the sponsoring agency. The award covers the fiscal year ending in November 2009. “This is the county’s ninth consecutive award,” said Blackburn. “But what makes this one special is that it is the first year of collaboration between Will County Clerk Nancy Schultz Voots, County Executive Larry Walsh and myself.”  The reorganization, which was approved by the County board, allowed two activities to be transferred to the Finance Department. Accounts payable was moved from the County Clerk’s office, and daily accounting entries from the Auditor’s office. “This is a common practice for counties throughout the State of Illinois,” said Blackburn. The outcome, the officials say, streamlines the County’s business operations and allows them to focus on their central responsibilities. Voots is “extremely pleased with the outcome of this move. It has allowed me the ability to dedicate my staff to the core duties surrounding an election, and I am very proud of the outstanding job they continue to do.” The Auditor’s office has directed its focus on its auditing role to provide accountability and transparency, said Blackburn. The Finance Department is now better organized to handle business operations. Named for their work on the financial report are Blackburn and Finance Director Paul Rafac. The Finance Department is under the County Executive’s office.  County Executive Walsh said, “I’m very proud of the recognition from the Government Finance Officers Association. And I’m extremely proud of Duffy and Paul for the work they did, along with Nancy’s office, to restructure our operations and make it work at such an exemplary level. “Again, it proves that when we work together, the people of Will County benefit,” he said. “This award recognizes the honest and understandable accounting of the County’s finances.”
      • We successfully completed two major elections in 2010, the General Primary Election in February and the General Election in November which included turnout of over 52%.
      • The Governor signed a bill allowing County Treasurers with population less than 3,000,000 people additional time for the homeowner to pay their 2nd installment before the annual tax sale. This change benefits not only the homeowner but the Clerk’s office as well, since an election and tax sale at the same time reduces the availability of staff to provide high quality service.
      • In an effort to better educate the public regarding Will County voter services, the County Clerk’s Office is pleased to announce a new & improved customized “Voter Information Guide”. The new guide will be customized and mailed to the Will County registered voters for their specific address.
      • The Tax Extension Department had many changes within the past year. The long time supervisor, who had been the county’s lead tax extender for more than 30 years, retired early this year with the county’s retirement incentive program. The new supervisor along with her staff, were able to successfully extend the tax rates to more than 250 taxing districts on schedule and on time. This ensured that the Will County Treasurer could send out property tax bills on their respective dates.
      • The County Clerk worked with the County Executive, County Auditor, and the Building Maintenance Department to expand the extremely space constrained Tax Redemption Department into a surplus office area adjacent to the Clerk’s office. The space, recently vacated by the Auditor’s office in the County Building, allowed the expansion without additional cost to the Clerk’s budget
      • The Will-Grundy Center for Independent Living presented Will County Clerk Nancy Schultz Voots with the Ambassador of the Year award during the July 15 Will County Board meeting. The award is presented annually to coincide with the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act which was signed into law on July 26, 1990. “I am so touched to receive this award,” said Voots. “I realize how people with disabilities are challenged and I wanted to help make our election process accessible for them. Our disabled residents don’t want special treatment; they just want the same opportunities.” According to Pam Heavens, executive director for the Will-Grundy Center for Independent Living, the award is presented each year to an individual who demonstrates an exemplary dedication to the advancement of equal rights for all disabled people.
      • The Elections Department redesigned and simplified the process used to create the ballot application issued to voters at the polls on Election Day. The process is now completed internally by Clerk’s office staff instead of an outside service provider and is more more cost effective while still providing the voter with the information they need to receive their correct ballot.
      • To improve voter education and awareness of election related services provided on the web site and in the office, the Will County Clerk worked with the local newspaper to provide multiple Voter Information Guide inserts prior to the February 2, 2010 General Primary Election. The first Voter Guide in the December 16, 2009 Publication included information about new web site quick links for voter registration, absentee voting, precinct lookup, and election judge recruitment. The second Voter Guide in the January 13th, 2010 Publication provides an Election Legal Notice and focus on Early Voting, Sample Ballots, and Election Night Results. The County Clerk negotiated to have both Voter Information Guide inserts published for for the price of one.
      • On November 2nd, the County Clerk announced the opening of New Satellite Office Services of the County Clerk in the Plainfield Township Office Building at 22525 W. Lockport Road in Plainfield. The staff at the new Satellite Office will be able to issue marriage licenses and accept prepayment for certified copies of Will County birth, death and marriage certificates. The County Clerk also operates branch offices in the eastern and northern parts of Will County. ‘I’d like to especially thank Plainfield Township Clerk Anita Gerardy for helping us coordinate this effort.’Services at the new branch office are available by appointment only. To learn more Click Here
      • The Will County Clerk’s Office introduced an exciting new service on October 19th in the Tax Redemption Department. It is now possible for title companies, mortgage companies, banks and other interested parties to go to our new website to lookup up-to-the-minute information about unpaid Will County real estate taxes that have been sold, disposed or forfeited. This service is being provided at no additional cost to the taxpayer through internal coordination and cooperation with Will County’s Information Technology Department. This new service enables the office to post payments in real-time allowing instant accessibility to up-to-date information. It also reduces the time required to research tax delinquent payments. With the increased volume of tax redemption phone calls received by the office, the new service helps serve customers more efficiently than ever before.

      • Nancy Schultz Voots, Will County Clerk, won a 2009 Telly Award in the Government Relations category for her election judge training video. The video was produced /directed by Spiegel Associates and videographed/edited by MoonStep Productions, Inc., both based in Joliet. Actors were County Clerk staff and other county employees. The video was entirely paid for with federal grant money. The Telly Awards, which receives over 13,000 entries from all 50 states and countries around the world, is the premier award honoring outstanding local, regional and cable TV commercials and programs, the finest video and film productions and online film and video.“It’s an honor and privilege to be recognized by this prestigious organization for our election judge video, and I am very proud of what we have accomplished,” says Voots. Each Will County election judge who has a DVD player received a copy of the video, which is supplemented by an election judge manual that is given to every judge. To learn more Click Here
      • We successfully completed two major elections in 2009, the Consolidated Primary Election in February and the Consolidated Election in April which is considered to be the most difficult election.
      • We fulfilled our statute requirement and sent New Voter Identification Cards (must be replaced every two years) to the over 375,000+ registered voters in Will County.
      • The County Clerk’s Office launched a New Web Site and content management system in August to help keep residents better informed and connected to all that’s happening with Will County Elections. New features include improved navigation and voter information tools such as Voter Registration Lookup, Precinct Lookup with Google Map integration, Sample Specimen Ballots, Elected Official Lookup and more. The site also features seamless integration with the Mega Profile Voter Registration System and the newly implemented Election Night Reporting System introduced for the 2008 General Election.
      • The new Will County Clerk’s web site was launched with the New Domain Name to make it easier for Will County residents to find the new office web site. The original domain name which still exists as a secondary URL for the site, was launched in early 2000 but had an eight character name limitation causing confusion over the years since it was missing the “e” in clerk.

      • The Clerk’s Office successfully implemented a new on-line Will County Code of Ordinances web site to improve transparency and accessibility of Will County Legal Documents. An Ordinance is an act of the Will County Board creating a local law of a general and permanent nature in Unincorporated Will County. Examples include building, public nuisance (noise), and public health Ordinances.
      • Will County Clerk Nancy Schultz Voots introduced a new online web-based tool called Election Night Reporting (ENR) to display election results for the November 4th, 2008 General Election. The new “viewer friendly” Election Night Reporting System provides visitors with both text and graphical views of election results. Voters can customize their searches to contests they are interested in, use maps and bar graphs to make viewing results easier, and even examine data at the precinct level. Users are presented with a breakdown of votes received for a candidate by contest and totals by vote type. Maps are used to illustrate the precincts reporting, voter turnout, and results by precinct. A reporting area allows interactive report creation and the ability to download detailed reports in various formats from any computer connected to the Internet, a feature likely to be used by members of the media and election analysts. Along with the results link, you will find a Quick Start Guide to introduce you to all the new and exciting views.
      • The Will County Clerk’s office is promoting voter awareness of the Permanently Disabled Absentee Voting Program, a program whereby a voter with a permanent disability or a physical incapacity can enroll and automatically receive an application and ballot for a five-year period. Voters will become aware of this program through a news release and also those voters whose reason for voting absentee was “disabled” in the past February ’08 Primary Election have received a letter encouraging them to enroll.
      • The Verification Process for VitalChek was streamlined, making it more convenient and secure than ever before for the public to place orders over the phone and online for copies of birth, death and marriage records.
      • The County Clerk does Extensive Community Outreach, attending various events for senior citizens and other groups; educating high school students about the importance of voting and registering them to vote; and demonstrating voting equipment to those with disabilities and other interested groups.
      • Nearly 200 New Deputy Registrars were trained by the County Clerk’s Office in 2008, including precinct committeemen, civic and union representatives and others. There are now more than 1,025 deputy registrars in Will County trained to register voters throughout the state of Illinois.
      • As a service to the community, the marriage license department has posted the phone number of the Chief Judge’s office on our website so couples may obtain a list of retired judges available to perform a civil ceremony outside the Will County Courthouse, as well as the times that marriages are performed at the Courthouse.
      • The Statement of Economic Interest information and form is now available via the office website.
      • The Election department completed a major project to revise the Election Judge Manual and also created a DVD for Election Judges of election day procedures, allowing them to visually review the proper procedures for setting up the polling place, the ballot counter and AutoMARK Voter Assist Terminal, and view steps for a voter.
      • The Tax Extension department redesigned and improved their most often requested research reports regarding largest taxpayers in the County. The office now provides these research reports to customers as searchable PDF files instead of just hardcopy reports as in the past. This saves paper, provides a new service, and is a better overall product. The office also provides customers our statistics books as PDF files instead of hardcopy. These books are many hundreds of pages long and this step greatly reduces our use of paper.
      • The office collaborated with the Will County Zoning Department to share our tax code/map information with them to better inform their zoning maps regarding municipal boundaries. This means more current and more accurate zoning information for all Will County taxpayers. Our tax map/coding procedures are accurate and timely enough The Will County Clerk’s office has been asked to present our system at the Illinois GIS Association (ILGISA) annual conference in November 2008 along with the GIS Department. We’re also participating at the North East Illinois GIS Cooperative (NEIL) concentrating on establishing universal data parameters for government boundary layers (improved data sharing) and as such is instrumental in improving emergency response capabilities for all of northeast Illinois government units.
      • In January 2008, Nancy Schultz Voots signed an extended three-year contract with Election Systems & Software to reduce cost for maintenance & support on the election system and voter registration system. This three-year contract will save the county over $130,000 in 2008 and lock in prices to avoid rising costs.
      • The Will County Clerk’s office is pleased to offer a more convenient method to pay for many office services. We are now accepting Debit Cards for Various Office Services such as death certificates, birth certificates, and marriage certificates. This service is being offered as a convenience via the VitalChek network which is the official source for government-issued vital records. There is a $2.50 charge for each debit card transaction.
      • We fulfilled our statute requirement and sent new Voter Identification Cards (must be replaced every two years) to the over 350,000+ registered voters in Will County.
      • The Voter Registration department collaborated with the state and other Illinois counties to Reduce Duplicate Voter Registrations in Illinois and Will County. The statewide voter registration database now confirms duplicate registered voters in Will County which is a major improvement in accuracy of voter records.
      • The County Clerk’s Office Election Services Department completed a Major Election Office Renovation and Expansion Project to improve the storage, preparation, and staging of election equipment prior to each election. To learn more, Click Here.
      • The Clerk’s Office Readjusted and Combined Precincts instead of splitting precincts to save taxpayer dollars and reduce elections costs.
      • The Election Department now produces Petition Packets In-House, developed an On-Line Request Form, and provides more detailed instructions to help eliminate petition errors and objections.
      • Two school districts in Will County have come on board with initiating “Institute Days” on Election Day for the security of the students and the availability to use the facility for voting.
      • The County Clerk’s Absentee Department spent considerable time this year locating additional Early Voting sites throughout the county, as well as increasing the entities that can vote in some of the existing early voting sites. This will be a convenience and service to the Will County voters in providing better opportunities to vote early.
      • The Will County Clerk’s office is pleased to offer a more convenient method to pay for office services. We are now accepting Debit Cards for Various Office Services such as death certificates, birth certificates, and marriage certificates. This service is now being offered via the VitalChek network which is the official source for government-issued vital records.
      • The Absentee Department Streamlined Local Clerk Procedures for Early Voting Sites, creating a CD or one list containing all pertinent voter information rather than two, very large and cumbersome lists.
      • The County Clerk recruited more than 1,600 additional election judges, increasing our database for future elections. This was accomplished by sending out Judge Recruiting Flyers and Press Releases to areas in need of judges.
      • The Vital Records Department (Marriage, Birth, and Death Certificates) installed a New Bradford Filing System to replace obsolete storage files. The new system takes up less room and can hold more documents.
      • We successfully completed two major elections in 2007, the Consolidated Primary Election in February and the Consolidated Election in April which is considered to be the most difficult election.
      • Used the 650 Ballot Counter for Central Count of absentee and early voting ballots. Rather than sending absentee ballots to the precincts for the judges to process, they are now counted at the County building.
      • For making sure people with disabilities could vote independently, the Will-Grundy Center for Independent Living awarded Will County Clerk Nancy Schultz Voots an Accessibility Achievement Award. Voots was recognized for bringing the AutoMARK ballot marking system to each polling place in the county, allowing the disabled to vote independently for the first time in their lives. Voots, who has had two daughters with special needs, worked closely with local agencies to make sure she was buying the right equipment to serve those with disabilities.
      • The Tax Extension Department in the County Clerk’s Office worked with the recently completed Geographic Information System to implement real time mapping of annexations and disconnections. Tax code boundary changes are now drawn on the tax code layer in GIS within one week of their filing making this information available to the Clerk’s Elections Department and other offices in the county to view as they are doing their work. Real time mapping will allow the generation of a preliminary new property report approximately five months earlier than ever before.
      • Notary Public – The Signature Registration Process has been updated to notify new applicants in a more cost effective manner and the implementation of digital imaging of notary signatures has streamlined the process.
      • The Clerk’s Office Replaced Existing Tax Code Maps with Digital Versions. The township assessors received a mailing of maps for the first time in 2007 showing current tax year 2006 tax code boundaries. The Mylar and canvass tax code map books in the County Clerk’s office were replaced by current GIS versions in 2007 to show the tax year 2006-tax code boundaries. A wall map of the entire county was produced for the first time in 2007 to show all current tax year 2006 tax code boundaries.
      • Annexation/Disconnections/Creation of Property by Taxing Districts are now being reported to the Illinois Department of Revenue On-Line. The electronic processing expedites and eliminates paper work for hundreds of documents– saves our environment, time and money.
      • Business Location Verification – allocation of Sales Taxes to the correct city, village or municipality, is now being reported to the Illinois Department of Revenue On Line. This expedites and ensures that the correct Taxing District receives the proper allocation of Sales Tax Revenue.
      • Tax Reports, ordered by accounting and research companies assisting the various Taxing Districts with: Debt Research and other financial needs are now available electronically as Excel Data Files. This expedites their research and financial evaluation of our Taxing Districts.
      • We successfully completed two major elections in 2006, the General Primary Election in March and the General Election in November which included turnout of over 46%. County Board member Ron Svara, R-Homer Glen, said Thursday in praise of Will County Clerk Nancy Schultz Voots . “I suggest we rent Nancy to Cook County for $300 an hour so she can show them how to conduct an election.”
      • The County Clerk revised Election Judge Training and Educational Materials to provide focus and additional emphasis distributing correct ballots to voters. To meet statute requirements, the Clerk’s Office also revised training classes for judges who have served more than two elections with the option of self study and mail-in tests for re-certification.

          • To help educate Will County Voters the Will County Clerk’s Office made Will County Township/Precinct Maps of Election Polling Place locations available on the office website.
          • Provided an updated forecast for additional space requirements for voting equipment storage and election preparation to the the Will County Executive’s Office. To maximize existing office space two closets were converted into office space and a corner of the lobby was used as a reference/research room.
          • Revamped and simplified the Notary Public process to eliminate many unnecessary steps and non-value added activities. The new, simpler computerized process uses View Wise, which automatically generates a tri-fold card with a single entry to be mailed to the Notary, saving time and space.
          • The County Clerk applied for for two additional grants which will be used for handicapped accessible voting booths ($14,282) and Federal Grant Funds (HAVA) to meet Title III Requirements, which will be used for additional education and training of election systems and voting equipment ($1,190,293).
          • Approximately 3,500 Statement of Economic Interest filings were accepted in the County Clerk’s office between April 1, 2006, when notices were sent out and May 1, 2006.
          • Accounts Payable worked diligently to simplify and streamline many office procedures. Examples include elimination of double entry in processing juror checks and election payroll for judges of election, election workers and polling places are now being processed through the County Clerk’s office, rather than the County Payroll Department.
          • To educate the community of services available, the County Clerk developed an Office Services brochure describing the six major functional areas of the office.

      • In May 2006, the Will County Directory was updated and copies were printed. This reference/directory book formerly was updated every two years. It is now available with the latest updates in booklet form and on the County Clerk website.
      • Automated processing of Vital records (Marriage Licenses, Birth, and Death Certificates) by implementing a new computer application called View Wise.
      • For Phase III of the Election Management System, the Will County Clerk’s Office implemented ES&S AutoMARK™ballot-marking technology for the March 21st 2006 General Primary Election that allows voters with disabilities and other special needs to mark an optical scan ballot privately and independently.

      • We fulfilled our statute requirement and sent new voter identification cards (must be replaced every two years) to the over 356,000+ registered voters in Will County.
      • The County Clerk’s Office published a new & improved searchable and printable reference yearbook, 2005-2006 Will County Directory of both Elected and Appointed officials in Will County.
      • To satisfy Illinois statutes, the Will County Clerk’s office presented a proposal during the June 2005 County Board meeting to split 62 additional precincts to address increased growth in voter turnout for each of the 24 Will County townships.
      • To coincide with Tax Bills being mailed by the Treasurer’s Office the County Clerk’s Office updated Tax Extension Information including taxing district rate information, annexation, disconnection, budgets, levies, and abatements.
      • The Clerk’s Office launched an aggressive new marketing campaign to recruit and train more than 300 additional Election Judges required to meet the needs of a growing Will County.

      • “HAVA”, the Help America Vote Act, requires a voting system at every polling place to accommodate the disabled by 2006. The County Clerk’s Office will research options, once approved by the Illinois State Board of Elections, as well as the grant funding to meet this requirement. These additional features will be implemented as Phase III of the new Optical Scan Election System prior to the 2006 Primary.
      • The County Clerk’s Office published a new & improved Voter Information Guide which included instructions for optical scan voting (including instructions for write-ins), specimen ballots for candidates and referenda, polling place locations, and some helpful tips when voting on Will county’s new election system. The Clerk’s office is always looking for ways to improve and help better educate the public and feel by making this publication available on the internet it will help Will County Voters be better informed.
      • We’ve completed a February 22nd Consolidated Primary Election for 52 precincts in Will County and a countywide Consolidated Election on April 5th (historically the most difficult).
      • Following Illinois Statute, the County Clerk’s Office purged the voter registration files in January 2005 of inactive voters as defined by law.
      • We successfully completed two major elections in 2004, the Primary election in March and the Presidential election in November which included record turnout of over 74%.
      • The County Clerk’s Office replaced polling place voting booths for all 390 precincts to improve voter accessibility and visibility (lighting) using the new Optical Scan Voting system.
      • Utilizing the latest image scanning technology, the County Clerk’s office implemented a new more efficient process for scanning Vital Records. Beginning with births, we are logging pertinent information from each record into a database for easy retrieval. Eventually, all birth and death records for the county will be included in this database.
      • The County Clerk’s office headed by Nancy Schultz Voots received the Will County Auditor’s Fiscal Responsibility Award. The department returned $126,703.00 or 10.4% of their budget. Weber had complimentary remarks for Voots’ administration since she had “long hours, short deadlines, and lots of ground to cover in implementing the new optical scan voting system.”
      • Over 3,000 individuals are required by statute to file Statements of Economic Interest annually. The County Clerk’s office logged and filed these reports as well as updated the database for this group.
      • Every two years, precinct committeemen are required, by statute, to appoint Judges of Election. The County Clerk’s office prepared a list of judges to be presented in court for confirmation and appointment. Following this procedure, judges received their commissions.
      • Keeping the county’s Polling Place Directory up-to-date is a top priority for the County Clerk’s office. We verified and took photos of all polling places within the county, assessed voter entrances to polling places, and made certain directions to polling places were accurate.
      • The County Clerk’s office completed an accessibility survey for every polling place to ensure that all polling places in Will County were accessible to those individuals who are disabled, as required by the State Board of Elections and the Help America Vote Act (HAVA).
      • The County Clerk’s office applied for and received grant money reimbursement from the Illinois State Board of Elections to make Polling Places more accessible for the disabled (i.e. ramps, doorbells, signs, & pen grippers).
      • In March 2004, the County Clerk’s office successfully introduced Phase I of the new Optical Scan Voting System. In July 2004, the office successfully implemented Phase II of the election system and installed a new ES&S Voter Registration System. This new system included modules to improve voter registration, absentee, economic interest, polling place, and judge of election processes. The installation project included data conversion, training, testing and other activities to ensure a smooth transition to the new system. Benefits included more efficient processes as well as improvements in data accuracy.
      • The County Clerk’s office applied for and received over $1.1M in grant money reimbursement from the Illinois State Board of Elections for the new Optical Scan Voting System. Under the provisions in Title I of the Federal Help America Vote Act (HAVA), counties can apply for funding to replace punch card voting systems and equipment in compliance with HAVA requirements.
      • The County Clerk’s office introduced the new ES&S Unity In-Precinct Optical Scan Voting System in all precincts for the General Primary Election on March 16, 2004. Voots says, “This new system meets the many new legislative requirements of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), such as providing voters an opportunity to check for and correct ballot errors (over votes)”
      • Nancy proudly displays her mentors (see picture below) and the history of County Clerks Joseph Hartley, Clara Hartley Woodard and Jan Gould on our north wall.
      • We’ve added new services such as our new searchable and printable on-line 2003-2004 Will County Directory (elected and appointed officials). Just added: new quick links in the table of contents to make “jumping” to desired pages easier.
      • We’re pleased to announce we’ve re-designed the Will county Clerk’s office website to improve navigation and information access.
      • We’ve successfully completed two elections in 2003, the Consolidated election in April being historically the most difficult election.
      • This summer, we added 19 new precincts bringing the total precincts in Will County to 390.
      • We fulfilled our statute requirement of sending new voter’s identification cards to the 292,709+ registered voters in Will County.
      • With the President signing the new federal law entitled “HAVA”, Help America Vote Act, the County Clerk’s Office has researched new voting systems to find the system that best fits the citizens of Will County and one that meets the requirements of HAVA.
      • Several new state laws and bills signed by the Governor will greatly affect the election process. The County Clerk’s office has studied each of them to determine their impact to office procedures.
      • With the implementation of the new County GIS system, our Tax Extension Department is busy splitting parcels for new annexations to make data more accessible on-line.
      • A new system for scanning Vital records has recently been implemented in the office.
      • On-line listings of Election Candidates and Referenda are now available on our web site prior to each election.