What is a Campaign Free Zone?

Is it okay for people to be standing outside of a Polling Place handing out candidate information?  The answer to this questions is yes, as long as they are 100 feet from the entrance or as long as the polling place is not a church or private school.

The campaign free zone for the majority of polling places is the distance of 100 feet from the door of the entrance of the room where voting takes place.  If the polling room is above or below ground, the measurement begins at the elevator door or staircase used by the voters to access the floor where the polling room is located.

Churches or private schools can designate their entire property as a Campaign Free Zone.  Electioneering is then only allowed on the grounds adjacent to the thoroughfares or walkways leading to the entrances used by the voters.  To find a list of designated properties visit thewillcountyclerk.com, Election Services page.

For more information about Campaign Free Zones refer to State Statute 10 ILCS 5/7-41 (c).   All other Will County Election Day information can be found at thewillcountyclerk.com.