Welcome to the Election Section!

The Clerk is the chief election authority administering elections throughout Will County. This entails providing a number of services for the voters, candidates and providing election results.  The election process is so very important.  We hope that you find the information on these pages useful and easy to access.

This menu is for Will County residents and voters.
– if you are registered to vote
– registering to vote
– where to vote
– voting options:  Vote by Mail, Early Voting, Grace Period Voting
– voting machines used

This menu is for candidates running for a Will County office.
– petitions
– write-in candidates
– voter information available
– Precinct Committeepersons list
– County Board & other political maps
– township and election Precinct maps
– pollwatchers information
– campaign disclosure

This menu is for anything related to a Will County election.  
– Referendum filing
– current election information
– past election information
– future election dates
– how to become an Election Judge
– information for current Election Judges

This menu has all the results of Will County elections.
– current election results
– past election results from 2005 to now

This menu lists all of the Elected Officials along with their contact information.

For more information about Elections contact us.