The Will County Clerk’s office holds election records dating back as far as 1836. All election data from 2005 to present day is available to view on our web page. For more information about election results prior to 2005, please call our office. Information regarding upcoming election results can be found below.


  • Vote by Mail and Early Voting results will display first on Election Night.
  • Election Day precinct results will be updated on Election Night as precincts check in. There are 304 precincts in Will County.
  • Provisional ballots and Vote by Mail ballots postmarked by Election Day will be counted 14 days after the election at Provisional Count.
  • Election results are officially certified 21 calendar days following an election.

Results: 2020 Presidential Election
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Election Information and Canvass Books from 2003 to Present

Every two years, the Will County Clerk’s Office publishes a list of voting equipment as required by the Illinois State Board of Elections statute 10 ILCS 5/1-17.
Voting Equipment List

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