The Will County Clerk’s office holds election records dating back as far as 1836. All election data from 2005 to present day is available to view on our web page. For more information about election results prior to 2005, please call our office. Information regarding upcoming election results can be found below.

There will be a minor change in the way Election Night Results are reported in Will County this year. This change is because the new election law approved by the Illinois General Assembly and signed by Governor Pritzker in June requires the Will County Clerk’s Office to serve as an Election Day Polling Place where registered voters from anywhere in Will County may cast their ballots.
As a result, Election Night Results in Will County will be reported as followed:

  1. Results from Early Voting and Vote By Mail will be uploaded first. These results will appear after Polling Places close at 7 p.m.
  2. Results from Election Day Voting in Will County will be uploaded next as precincts begin reporting. These totals will be updated throughout the evening until 305 out of 305 precincts report.
    • At that point, the Election Night Reporting system on the County Clerk’s website will read “305/305 Precincts Reporting.”
    • IMPORTANT: This will not be the final tally for the evening.
  3. Voting results from the Will County Clerk’s Office will be uploaded after the 305 precincts have been reported. Voting results from the Clerk’s Office will be distributed into precincts where the voters live.
    • This means results from individual precincts can change after 305 of 305 precincts have been reported.
    • Once the Will County Clerk’s Office voting results have been uploaded, we will post a notice on our Election Night Reporting system. The notice will read as follows, “Unofficial Results: All Votes Cast Through Election Day Have Been Reported.”
  4. Provisional Ballots cast on Election Day and all late Vote By Mail Ballots postmarked by Election Day will be counted at Provisional Count on Tuesday, Nov. 17.

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Every two years, the Will County Clerk’s Office publishes a list of voting equipment as required by the Illinois State Board of Elections statute 10 ILCS 5/1-17.
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