Future Election Dates

Even Numbered Years
General Primary:  Third Tuesday in March
– Nominate:  Federal, State, Judicial and County Offices
– Elect:  Precinct Committeemen

General Election:  First Tuesday after First Monday in November
– ElectFederal, State, Judicial, and County Officials
– May also elect Sanitary District Trustees

Odd Numbered Years
Consolidated Primary:  Last Tuesday in February
– Nominate:  Municipal and/or Township Officials
Only necessary when:
1. the number of candidates who file petitions reaches more than four times the number to elect
2. there is a township election and the township caucus cannot determine their candidate

Consolidated Election:  First Tuesday in April
– Elect:  Municipal, Township (only every 4 years), Park District, Library District, School District, Community College District, Regional Office of Education Trustee, and Fire District Officials

Year General Primary Consolidated Primary
(If necessary)
Consolidated Election General Election
2020 March 17, 2020  November 3, 2020  P
2021 February 23, 2021  April 6, 2021
2022  March 15, 2022  November 8, 2022  G
2023 February 28, 2023 April 4, 2023
P = President G = Governor