Provisional Voting

– claim to be a legally qualified voter, but name does not appear in the Pollbook for that Precinct and refused an opportunity to register at the polling location or another Grace Period registration site
– a court order extends the time for closing the polls and the person votes during the extended time period
– did not provide proof of identity when registering by mail and cannot provide identification on Election Day
– affirm that a Vote by Mail ballot was received, but did not return it
– name appears in the Pollbooks as voted early, but claims not to have voted
– tried to register to vote on Election Day but did not have necessary documentation
– person’s voting status was successfully challenged by an Election Judge, Pollwatcher or any legal voter

Our office receives all provisional ballots and verifies the registration information for each provisional voter within two weeks after the election.  If you are registered and eligible to vote in this Precinct, your ballot is counted. If not, your ballot will not count; however, the information you supplied on the gold provisional envelope will serve as your voter registration application and you will receive a Voter Registration Card in the mail.  Two weeks after the election, provisional ballot results will be posted on this website.

  • look for your Precinct on the list
  • find the Code No. 099-Will followed by the last four digits of your social security number (which you provided on the gold provisional envelope)
  • if your ballot did not count, a reason will be indicated