Voting Machines

1. Receive your ballot
– enter your Polling Place
– give your current name and address to the Election Judge
– upon verification, the Election Judge will give you a receipt which provides you with your ballot style number
– advance to the ballot distribution station where the Election Judge will issue you a ballot and ballot secrecy folder

2. Enter the Voting Booth and Mark Your Ballot
– enter the next available voting booth
– before voting, verify that the ballot style on your receipt matches the ballot style issued by the Election Judge
– to vote the optical scan ballot, completely darken the oval to the left of the candidate or public question of your choice
– be sure to vote both sides of your ballot
– review your ballot to make sure it is marked correctly
– place your ballot in the ballot secrecy folder provided
– advance to the ballot counter

If you make a mistake marking your ballot, or if you believe you were issued the wrong ballot style number, return to the Election Judge immediately.

3. Vote
– insert your ballot into the ballot counter
– the ballot is read by the optical scanner and dropped into the metal ballot bin
– if an error is detected, the system will gently beep and give you the option to accept the ballot as is (the overvoted office will not count) or you may return the ballot to an Election Judge and receive another one

– available at all voting locations to serve Will County voters with disabilities and other special needs
– this is the first ADA compliant voting system to be certified by the Illinois Board of Elections for use in Illinois
AutoMARK Instructional Video
– Will County has an English only ballot based on current census data. If future census requires multiple languages it is supported by the AutoMARK™.

– follow the same procedures as optical scan voting
– ballot counter used for Early Voting
DS200 Instructional Video