on 01/28/2021

Last day for the local election official (including township clerk) to certify candidates and the offices they are filing for to the election authority. (10 ILCS 5/7-13.1; 60 ILCS 1/45-20)

Last day for the election authorities in single county educational service regions to certify
candidates for Regional Trustees to the election authorities in those counties having unit school districts under the supervision and control of the single county educational service region. (10 ILCS 5/10-15; 105 ILCS 5/6-5)

Last day for the State Board of Election to certify Multi-County Regional Trustees and Fox Waterway Agency candidates to the election authorities. (10 ILCS 5/7-60.1; 105 ILCS 5/6-5; 615 ILCS 90/5)

Last day for the circuit court clerk and the local election official to certify any binding public question
or advisory referenda to the election authority having jurisdiction over the political subdivision. (10 ILCS 5/28-5)