Statement of Economic Interests Online Filing System

The Illinois Governmental Ethics Act requires Will County elected officials, appointed officials, and certain local and county government employees to file a Statement of Economic Interests with the Clerk’s office each year.  Units of Government certify the lists of those persons required to file Statements of Economic Interests.  These individuals, known as filers, now file their information online.

UNITS OF GOVERNMENT  Submit your Statement of Economic Interests filer list
Frequently Asked Questions
Who Has To File
February 1, 2019: Unit entry deadline

FILE YOUR STATEMENT HERE  Government officials and employees required to file log in here for the Filer Module
Frequently Asked Questions
– May 1, 2019: Last day to file for 2019 without incurring a $15 late fee

PUBLIC PORTAL  View those who have submitted a Statement of Economic Interest and how they answered

For questions or concerns, email or call (815) 740-4628 or (815) 740-4629.