Interest & Fee Information

– interest accrues on the initially sold year at six month intervals from the date of sale
– a take notice mailing fee may be added to the redemption amount at any time within the first 4 months and 15 days after the date of sale
– if a property has sold taxes, current unpaid taxes may be purchased by the Tax Buyer and added to the sale (provided it remains un-redeemed) at any time after the second installment becomes past due
– if the Tax Buyer has begun the process of petitioning for the deed, they may purchase and add a subsequent bill to the sale as soon as it is issued, not having to wait for it to become delinquent (provide the initial sale remains un-redeemed)
– Petition for Deeds charges may be added to an open sale not less than three months and not more than six months prior to the Last Day to Redeem

– not sold at a tax sale, but are still due
– interest rates are calculated at an annual rate of 12% based on the date of the most recent tax sale

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